Angelique Clemson


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United States

I am a board certified Integrative Medicine specialist and osteopathic physician who employs a wide variety of manual and energy therapy modalities and interweaves all aspects of integrative care for an individualized and fully realized holistic wellness experience. I enjoy a primary focus on inspiring my health partners to access innate healing abilities and facilitating self-healing, particularly through healing Qigong arts and practices, shamanic journey, ritual and ceremony for healing and internal alchemy practices. I truly love accompanying soul friends on their healing journeys: partnering with them to unveil essential healing potential, and empowering them to create the foundations for a vibrant and sustainable state of wellbeing. My deepest joys are being in nature, connecting with loved ones, any forms of embodied movement, and exploring and sharing the wisdom traditions of healing arts and practices in novel ways to cultivate resilience and joy in myself and others.


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